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Reducing Sugar - How I Work

Making any change to your diet and lifestyle needs to be EASY or it simply won't work.


As such, my programmes are SIMPLE to follow, well supported and allow you to make SUSTAINABLE changes.

I am also focused on being REALISTIC - my aim is NOT to get you to consume zero sugar - that is neither realistic nor fun!

And equally - this is NOT about banning foods or counting calories!

My aim is to give you the KNOWLEDGE and tools to be aware of what you consume and make the best choices for you.

- I will help you to have a better understanding of foods & what we mean by SUGAR & how it affects us

- Give you some simple swaps & reduce the amount of sugar you eat

- Give you some tactics to reduce the impact of sugars you do consume

- Provide you with low sugar meal & snack ideas & recipes

- Support you in sticking to the programme & answer any questions you may have

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