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I'm Kate - mid-life aged mum of two, Nutritional Coach & Personal Trainer.  

The primary focus of my Nutrition work is on helping people to Reduce the amount of Sugar they consume and enabling them to live a Low Sugar Lifestyle.

So why am I doing this & why the Sugar focus?

We eat more Sugar as part of our diets than we ever have, often without realising.  This is leading to an increase in serious illnesses as well as just feeling 'rubbish' day to day. 

By cutting sugar many symptoms can be improved or avoided.

Its also Personal - I suffer from an auto-immune inflammatory health condition, am a long-term poor sleeper and a couple of years ago was told I was bordering pre-diabetic.


Cutting back my sugar consumption has made a HUGE difference to my health and well-being:

- I am no longer pre-diabetic or even close to being!

- I sleep better

- I have more energy & no 'crashes'

- Less brain fog

- Inflammation & symptoms & massively reduced / dormant


I want others to be able to feel these benefits too.

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