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Individual Sugar Reduction & Exercise Lifestyle Programme

A 1-1 individually focused Programme - based on 21 Day Lifestyle Shift & tailored to You

Initial 3 week Programme

I will help you to:

* Review current diet & lifestyle

* Reduce Sugar consumption & build sustainable Low Sugar Living approach

* Support you with meal and recipe plans 

* Twice weekly check ins (Zoom)

* Provide & support you with an initial 3 week exercise plan to get you moving

Introductory offer £149
Usual price £165

7 Day Sugar Stop Programme

A 7 day Online Group programme to Kick-start your Sugar Reduction journey

7 Day Programme

* Giving you knowledge & tools to understand & reduce your Sugar intake

* Closed Facebook group for programme members - sharing key nutritional information & to ask question

* LIVE Zoom & Facebook sessions & daily check-ins

* Food and meal suggestions provided in a quick, easy to follow recipe pack

* Support from fellow programme members to help keep you going

Price £25

21 Day Group Lifestyle Shift Programme

A Group programme focused on cutting sugar, upping exercise & creating a sustainable new healthier lifestyle

21 Day Programme

* Follow on from 7 Day Sugar Stop or start your journey here 

* Gain more in depth knowledge about Sugars & related health issues

* Structured programme to establish long term Low Sugar Living approach 

* How to shop guidance

* Closed Facebook group for programme members

* Additional Food and recipe suggestions provided

* Integrated, suggested, easy to follow exercise programme

Introductory offer £99
Usual price £119
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